📢 Webinar | Wednesday 8th Feb | 3:00 PM (IST)

How To Choose, Integrate, Orchestrate And Measure Your Tech Stack For ABM Success in 2023


About This Webinar

ABM (Account-Based Marketing) has become one of the hottest and most notable trends in B2B marketing. More and more marketers are embracing ABM and driving results for their organizations, and the industry is taking notice. In response to the rising adoption of ABM, new tools have emerged to assist in scaling the strategy. With ABM, technology plays a crucial role; from selecting target accounts to executing marketing campaigns across the funnel to measuring revenue impact, technology empowers B2B marketers to automate their campaigns. Despite this, many B2B marketers need help deciding the right tech stack to implement and measure account-based marketing, or ABM.

Some vendors available today offer ABM solutions for all levels, but they leverage AI and ML to personalize content further. Then, how do you determine which martech best suits your ABM strategy? Is there a technology that fits lean marketing budgets? How to ensure collaboration, harmony, and sync across all your martech to ensure it's properly working?

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We Will Discuss More On:

Understand the need and importance of building the right tech stack for ABM.
Explore various technologies available for ABM and narrow down to the ones suitable for your business.
Learn how to evaluate tech and vendors while building your tech stack.
Learn how to integrate and orchestrate the tech stack in the right way for a successful ABM campaign.
Discover multiple options of tech stack for infrastructure management, account selection, engagement, sales enablement, measurement, content management, marketing automation, personalization, testing and optimization, attribution and reporting, and more.
Find ways to ensure that you invest in future-proof and scalable technology.
Discover ways to sync all your data and media sources for a perfect ABM strategy.
Now, you don't need to worry; we've covered you. Join our webinar to learn how to build the right ABM tech stack for your business.

Meet Our Speaker


Enoch Pakanati

- Chief Executive Officer, The Smarketers

Enoch Pakanati, a postgraduate in Economics, Marketing, and Advertising started his career as a sales consultant and paved his way up the corporate ladder. His last stint before starting The Smarketers was leading the Sales of [x] cube labs as Vice President.

With an extensive experience of 18+ years in Sales & Marketing for clients across the US, Canada, Germany, and different parts of the world, Enoch founded The Smarketers, with a vision to enable B2B organizations to strongly align their sales and marketing teams and generate new business opportunities through inbound and account-based marketing.

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